I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, Pierre Gevry, owner and sole taxidermist of “Pierre Gevry Taxidermy Studio”.

    I have specialized in Taxidermy for over 30 years.

   Among my achievements is the preparation of over 400 mounted animals for a Quebec Museum called: “La Creation du Pavillon Faunique du Canada? Located in Granby, Quebec.

   My studio offers a variety of mounts such as: full mounts, pedestal, shoulder and others, fish, birds, tanning, skull bleaching. We also supply animal, which you may wish to have in your collection.

    I offer the Import and Naturalization Service (taxidermy) of your hunting trophies. I handle: Import Permit, Cites audit the complete documentation before the import, customs clearance. Also ; collection of hunting trophies at Cargo. In my active over 20 years of experience in the field of Import and Export On. Please Note: IT is better for the customer to naturalize these African animals in Quebec because, it will be less expensive. (Transport volume and the US exchange rate in Africa.)

   If you have the intention of hunting in the Province of Quebec you may be considering having your trophies mounted here and shipped to the USA or abroad. I have designed and manufactured a mold especially for the Quebec caribou. This adds a realistic lifelike appearance. No sub-contracting exists in my studio. I offer museum quality taxidermy.

   In the event of an international export, I supply the necessary exportation permits and forms. I will complete for you the taxidermy and the veterinary permits along with the cities form, and the declaration form required by the American Fish and Wildlife to insure the proper exportation of your hunting trophy.

   I can also supply you with references of satisfied customers throughout the United
States and Europe if requested.

   I specialize in North American and African big game animals. The care I take in sculpting each mold, for example the caribou mold, results in the desired animal artistry you are looking for.

   I have had the privilege of mounting all the African animals hunted by Thomas and Claudette Esliger who have completed four safaris in Africa. Thomas Esliger is also a writer who has contributed articles in Rack, Buckmasters, Big game Adventures, Safari Club Newsletter and the Sportsman Journal.

   I must also state that I have a tannery and use the latest methods and “Luftan F products” in order to obtain the soft desired hides used for my taxidermy.

   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. For communication with me:

   1. During the caribou season please call my cell phone 450 521-9337.

   2. After the hunting season please call my studio 450 379-9337 where I have access to your file.

   Thank you for your consideration.

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